Band Camp Information:

An email was sent out on July 15th explaining all of the upcoming events coming up.  Please check your email for the full details. 
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Camp dates and times:
Percussion Camp
August 3rd – 6th   5pm -7pm each day.

Band Camp for ALL (rookies, guard, percussion, brass and woodwinds)
August 10th – 13th   5pm -7pm for Brass (Mr. K) and Woodwinds (Mrs. Curley) and Percussion (Mr. Wren) 
6pm – 8pm for Color Guard (Brett Stalnaker)


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Due Date for Band 2020-2021 FEES
Band Fees:
Ø $205 – With Instrument Rental (This includes percussion)
Ø $155 – Without Instrument Rental
Ø $30 – (This applies to students that do not have shoes) 

Guard Fees:
Ø $105 – Uniform and equipment
Ø $40 – (This applies to students that do not have shoes)

Orchestra Fees:
Ø $30 – Orchestra


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